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Puppy Patrol

Stopping Pet Overpopulation - One Spay/Neuter at a time!!

We are now officially on a mission to boost spay and neuter rates, and offer FREE spay and neuter to community members in need. We are so thankful for everyone who gets their pets fixed.  Puppies are taken into the adoption program, on the
condition that the adult animals are spayed/neutered.


The program is open to anyone with
puppies or mamas that are of birthing age. If there is no room in the adoption program, and no other rescues are available, to take the puppies we will   spay/neuter of puppies 8 weeks, and the owners can adopt them out or place them.


It is so important in the solution to the overpopulation in our community. Beyond that, it can help improve health, increase longevity, reduce risk of certain cancers and infections, and even help behaviorally.

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Program Informatio

Please review the guidelines to qualify for our spay/neuter assistance program. The cost for a spay/neuter is generally between $300-500 depending on the dogs age/weight. 

  • If you have multiple dogs, we can only spay/neuter one of your personal dogs every six months.  Females will take priority. 

  • Your dog must be current on their vaccinations (Rabies & DHPP or variation) and have had a Heartworm test within the last year. 

    1. If not, you can get vaccinations and Heartworm test from our vet at the time of the spay/ neuter . Your only cost: $75.00

    2. You will be required to make payment for vaccinations at the time your appointment is scheduled. - if payment is not received the appointment will be canceled. ​​​

    3. If you wish to have the vaccinations and Heartworm test completed elsewhere,  proof of completion will be required - appointments will not be scheduled without proof of completion. 

If you are interested in requesting assistance for a spay/neuter please complete the form. 


Request for spay / neuter assistance

Upload Proof of Vaccinations

Thanks for submitting!

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