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Adoptable Dogs 

Sneak Peek
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The Adoption Process

Adoption Information

Lucky K9 Rescue stands ready to help you, the prospective adopter or foster home, find a companion who will thrive in your home. We are here to assist you in every way possible throughout the adoption process and will continue to be a helpful resource after you have welcomed your new pets into your life.

  • If you are interested in one of our dogs, please submit an adoption application.

  • If the dog is listed on our website it is available for adoption.

  • Please read the dogs bio to find out information on the dogs you are interested in.

  • If you meet the requirements for the dog you are interested in we will reach out to you via email/phone.

Please note: We are a volunteer run, foster-based rescue.  This mean all our dogs live in someone's home  which allows them to get to know the unique needs of the dog(s) in their care.   We place dogs into homes based on their personality and needs.  We DO NOT adopt on a first come first serve basis. We are all volunteers -- fostering and managing the rescue is done in our spare time -- in addition to our full-time jobs and families.  Please be patient with our placement process - it will take time!!  We do not do on the spot adoptions.


Adoption Fee

Our adoption fees vary based on the age of the dog:

  • Puppies up to 1yr $350

  • 1 yr to 4 yrs $300

  • 5 to 7 yrs $250

  • 7 yrs and up $200

ALL adoption fees include a clean bill of health from our veterinarian - all pets are current on vaccinations, spayed/neutered, as well as negative for Heartworm (HW) disease and a clear stool sample and on monthly HW & flea/tick prevention.

General  adoption requirements

  • Must own your own home and have a fenced yard (This is determined on a case by case basis depending on the personality of the dog.)

  • Must have previously owned a pet AND can provide proof of regular annual vetting and monthly Heartworm Prevention!!!

  • Must be over 21 year of age

  • There may be other specific requirements noted on a particular dogs bio, such as "only dog home" or "No young children"

Adoption  Process

Our adoption review process does take time. If you meet the adoption requirements here is what you can expect:

  • STEP 1) Complete Application - Any questions regarding the dog you are interested in will be addressed once we receive your application and it is approved.

  • STEP 2) Meet & greets are scheduled once vet records are verified from the veterinary office listed on your application....we DO NOT allow for same day adoption.

  • STEP 3) Home visit: Once your meet & greet has been scheduled and you have decided to adopt, a home visit will be scheduled, at that time we will review the adoption contract with you and set a date to finalize your adoption. In most cases, the pet you are adopting will stay with you at the time of the home visit and the adoption contract will be finalized.

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